Jan 26, 2011

day 8: roof sheathing

The crew installed sheathing and ice guard waterproofing to the roof of the house. By code you only need the ice guard at the edges and peaks and valleys, but it's good to just cover the entire roof. The stuff won't stick to the roof if it freezes, so they tried storing it in Aunt Sharon's basement to keep it warm. That didn't really work because she keeps the doors open so all the wild cats and other animals can get in for a little warmth. So Chris had Uncle Dave rent a blast heater so they could thaw before being stuck on the roof.

they also started installing 1" R5 rigid foam insulation and Tyvek house wrap on the walls. This extra insulation should help keep the heat inside the house. a wood framed house looses heat at all the studs, so exterior foam covers all the studs to stop that heat loss.

3/4" tongue + groove OSB roof sheathing

peel + stick ice guard

sheathing on the west side of the roof

screen porch roof

east side done, with temporary 2x4 anti-slip bars

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