Jan 31, 2011

day 11: walls

it was 3 degrees when i went to the house this morning. my big toes were mostly frozen right away thanks to the steel-toed boots i was wearing. luckily i had to run to the store on errands, so i warmed up in the car and switched to my shoes. and by lunch it was in the mid 30's.

the plumber never showed up today as promised, but the framing crew came out and worked like crazy. i'll bet they had to just to keep warm! they framed most of the walls on the main floor, finished the high ceiling joists in the living room + the stub walls down to the other ceilings, framed the skylight wells in the master bathroom-twice, and framed the fireplace opening. they also finished up some work in the garage roof and put foam sheathing + tyvek on the north + south sides of the house.

It's kind of difficult to take pictures of framing since you see right through everything, but try and see what you can.

driving to work at 3 degrees

Homer Dody House

starting the stairs

dining room

walk in closets + master bedroom beyond, living room foreground

skylight over the sinks in the master bath

through the wall is the shower + toilet area with skylight above

hall looking back to kitchen; i wish i could keep that open

fireplace surround

no more ladder

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  1. Where did the early morning picture come from? We can't place the area.