Nov 18, 2011

day 308: grills

the air registers were installed in the slate floors

... and in the wood floors. it was either white or this color. and apparently the design on these hasn;t changed since i saw them as a little kid.

mom+dad bought the "surprise artful toilet seat" for the guest bathroom. haha!

Nov 16, 2011

day 306: towel bars

two days of mopping in the family room downstairs.

towel bars master bath.

towel bar guest bath.

Nov 14, 2011

day 304: vanity top

the master bathroom vanity countertop was installed today with two under-mount sinks.

Nov 12, 2011

day 302: guest rooms

Bedroom 3, the non-yellow room

Bedroom 3 98% complete

Bedroom 2 closets

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2

Nov 11, 2011

Nov 10, 2011

day 300: bookshelves

Kevin delivered the living room bookcases. they are 7'-6" high to align with the light shelf.

they just need the baseboard and the outlets installed. and now Stevie can install the baseboards in the room.

Nov 9, 2011

day 299: lots of progress

the pocket door to the pantry is finished now that it has a door pull, and the Steves trimmed out the kitchen window, which might have been the last window. The countertops on order won't be installed for quite a while, so they opted to put in some OSB temporary counters and get the sink hooked up.

Overall kitchen view with temporary plywood counters and completed toekicks and cabinets. Looks like it just needs a few pulls installed.

Most of the trim work is complete, so the Steves started outfitting the closets. (Left) the linen closet in the 2nd bathroom, and (Right) a coat closet in the entry foyer.

Progress continues on the fireplace stone and mantel.

the excavator laid out a parking lot and brought in some ground-up blacktop to give everything a solid base.

dad painting the rooflet and the built-up driveway

smoothed out lower yard

the door at the back of the garage now has a stoop. this is one of the unearthed concrete slabs.

Nov 8, 2011

day 298: farmer... again

maybe dad is getting the hang of this farm thing? you look good on a tractor, dad!

Nov 7, 2011

day 297: garage doors

garage doors! almost what i ordered.

closed in garage

day 297: dirt yard

The excavator has been grading around the house lately. and the eaves have finally been painted white.

the north slope is built up. and white eaves. didn't know if that would ever happen.

most of the work lately has been filling in the giant hole in the yard and transitioning the ground down from the house into the pasture, now the yard. it still needs some smoothing.

Nov 3, 2011

day 293: propane

Suburban Propane were back today with a 500 gallon tank. they came last week sometime but the tank they were bringing sprung a leak on the way over so they had to take it back. The house only uses propane for cooking and the backup furnace to the heat pump, so this size tank should be plenty large.

they set the tank on a slab that was unearthed while the excavator was grading the west side of the house up the hill. The excavator trenched the line over to the house. Dad said they stayed until someone from Breese Heating and Cooling came to install the propane to the furnace. so now the furnace is complete and there is heat. again. just in time for a warm spell.

Nov 2, 2011

day 292: pantry

my cousin steve, who we always called stevie, installed the brackets and shelves for the pantry. the right side shelves are narrow, perfect for food items; the back wall is regular 12" deep; and the left side is partly 12" deep shelving above with two deep 18" shelves at counter height and below. Mom was so excited she wanted to start moving stuff onto the shelves right away before i asked her to wait.

Nov 1, 2011

day 291: mantle

Eric, our stone guy, installed the solid cherry mantle beam. the chunks of cherry wood sitting there on top will be mounted under the beam as corbels, even though they apparently won't actually be doing any work holding up the mantle. but that is the idea. Eric also installed the stone arch.