Oct 10, 2010

staking the house

Can you see the house layout? Exactly. That's how difficult it was to stake out the house in the jungle of weeds and trees growing at the barn site. Dad and I spent a lot of time bushwhacking our way through the tangled mess. I have the scratched up arms, burrs on my clothes, and a thorn still stuck in my finger to prove it.

The other challenge was not having any points of reference. We had a few stone foundation walls from the old barn to help us start, but we usually couldn't see them through the jungle to locate the rest of the corners of the house. Every point we measured out seemed to be completely crooked, and Dad was good about pointing that out at every stake I located.

Luckily i had written down most of the diagonals so we could triangulate the main points and stay true to the plan. I think.

Mar 27, 2010

basement walls

here's a basic mock up of the precast basement walls from Superior Walls. i sent them a copy of our plans and they sent back basic shop drawings such as this view, dimensioned plans, header heights for openings, beam pocket locations, etc. After they make a few adjustments to window header dimensions we'll be all set to order. Lead time is only about 2 weeks right now, so we could have a basement pretty soon.

i am flying to the site in less than 2 weeks to stake out the house with the excavator!