Jan 31, 2011

day 11: walls

it was 3 degrees when i went to the house this morning. my big toes were mostly frozen right away thanks to the steel-toed boots i was wearing. luckily i had to run to the store on errands, so i warmed up in the car and switched to my shoes. and by lunch it was in the mid 30's.

the plumber never showed up today as promised, but the framing crew came out and worked like crazy. i'll bet they had to just to keep warm! they framed most of the walls on the main floor, finished the high ceiling joists in the living room + the stub walls down to the other ceilings, framed the skylight wells in the master bathroom-twice, and framed the fireplace opening. they also finished up some work in the garage roof and put foam sheathing + tyvek on the north + south sides of the house.

It's kind of difficult to take pictures of framing since you see right through everything, but try and see what you can.

driving to work at 3 degrees

Homer Dody House

starting the stairs

dining room

walk in closets + master bedroom beyond, living room foreground

skylight over the sinks in the master bath

through the wall is the shower + toilet area with skylight above

hall looking back to kitchen; i wish i could keep that open

fireplace surround

no more ladder

Jan 28, 2011

day 10: finishing garage

today the crew finished the garage roof eaves + sheathing + waterproofing. they installed the tongue + groove ceiling for the front entry porch. the plumber stopped by and we talked a little about what he was going to do starting monday. they installed a lot of the collar ties for the house roof. these will also serve as the ceiling joists for the high ceilings in the living and dining rooms. i was too busy helping to lay out the walls on the main floor to take pictures at the end of the day. but here are some pics from morning doughnut hour and around midday.

garage eaves

t+g at open eave on house

open eave at gable end

Uncle Ben's trash hauler

Uncle Ben's trash hauler

sheathing on back half

finishing osb sheathing

Jan 27, 2011

day 9: garage + elec

i was supposed to be at the house this morning but New York City got 19" of snow overnight and shut down all the airports. So more pics from Uncle Paul. i managed to get to the house after the crew left for the day but before it was totally dark.

the Power company finally came and installed the temporary power. This involved putting up 3 new telephone poles and stringing power lines over from near Aunt Sharon's house.

the crew continue working on the roof of the house installing OSB sheathing + ice guard waterproofing. The other guys finished framing the garage walls and started the roof of the garage. they sure are quick.

Jan 26, 2011

day 8: roof sheathing

The crew installed sheathing and ice guard waterproofing to the roof of the house. By code you only need the ice guard at the edges and peaks and valleys, but it's good to just cover the entire roof. The stuff won't stick to the roof if it freezes, so they tried storing it in Aunt Sharon's basement to keep it warm. That didn't really work because she keeps the doors open so all the wild cats and other animals can get in for a little warmth. So Chris had Uncle Dave rent a blast heater so they could thaw before being stuck on the roof.

they also started installing 1" R5 rigid foam insulation and Tyvek house wrap on the walls. This extra insulation should help keep the heat inside the house. a wood framed house looses heat at all the studs, so exterior foam covers all the studs to stop that heat loss.

3/4" tongue + groove OSB roof sheathing

peel + stick ice guard

sheathing on the west side of the roof

screen porch roof

east side done, with temporary 2x4 anti-slip bars

Jan 25, 2011

day 7: open eaves

More pictures from Uncle Paul while I was away. The crew continued framing the walls and roof for the Link. They also added the flying rafters and installed tongue + groove barn siding at the open eaves. Much better than looking at OSB.

skylight openings and roof framing

the Link framed, rafter tails notched for soffit boards

a finished eave on the house using tongue + groove barn siding

soffit boards installed for the open eaves

Jan 24, 2011

exterior elevation drawings

here are the exterior elevations for the house. they are all quite different. enjoy.

south elevation

east elevation

north elevation

west elevation / section thru entry link

west elevation garage with house in background

day 6: roof

Uncle Paul took these pictures of the roof rafters going up on the house and the Link getting framed. enjoy! and i hope you like the larger pictures.

Jan 21, 2011

day 5: main floor framing

We need 3 exterior doors for the house and garage so Dad told me to check out a salvage place. He heard about it from an old high school friend that lives in the area. All the surplus building supplies were laid out nicely in a cold warehouse. The doors were organized by size and swing so it was pretty painless to browse. i found some that might work for about half off Home Depot prices, and they are all brand new.

i got back to the house just as the crew was taking off for the day. They had covered all the windows and even the ceiling joists that they had already put in. That should keep out the snow and the curious over the weekend. well, it didn't keep me out. here are some pictures.

southeast corner

plan table: who to call with questions

living room looking south

master bedroom

looking into kitchen

looking north through the house

tool belt

day 5: framing walls

We got at least 3 inches of snow overnight, but the job must go on.

After checking in with the guys at the house i went to pick up a masonry saw and some donuts. i rushed back so i'd get there before their morning break. Also, they had some walls already framed and i wanted to see them get raised into place. but 3 walls were up when i got back. oh well. here are some pics.

Homer Lane

Homer Farm

framed walls

east elevation

north elevation

filling in the link with gravel

Fuzzy, the excavator

Link (entry) foundation

gravel in the crawl space

vapor barrier


framing continues

nice view

interior bearing wall

more bearing wall sections - hall to master bedroom

finishing bearing wall

hoisting beam over kitchen island