Jan 21, 2011

day 5: main floor framing

We need 3 exterior doors for the house and garage so Dad told me to check out a salvage place. He heard about it from an old high school friend that lives in the area. All the surplus building supplies were laid out nicely in a cold warehouse. The doors were organized by size and swing so it was pretty painless to browse. i found some that might work for about half off Home Depot prices, and they are all brand new.

i got back to the house just as the crew was taking off for the day. They had covered all the windows and even the ceiling joists that they had already put in. That should keep out the snow and the curious over the weekend. well, it didn't keep me out. here are some pictures.

southeast corner

plan table: who to call with questions

living room looking south

master bedroom

looking into kitchen

looking north through the house

tool belt

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  1. Great pictures! Too bad I can't be there to watch the progress each day!