Mar 18, 2011

day 63: driveway

the driveway was in really bad shape. construction has meant an increase in traffic on Homer Lane, and sometimes that includes large, heavy trucks and tractor-trailers. the ruts got so deep that people were afraid they would never get out again. the plumber actually called last week and asked us to do something about it.

the excavator came a few days ago and bulldozed the top layer of dirt to get rid of the ruts. he also opened up a few of the ditches along the drive. over by the other house and garage they added a drain pipe and ditch. then he brought in new gravel. except that gravel doesn't really describe it. it's really large, sharp, chunky rocks. this should be a good road base that will last. we are waiting until we do the grading around the house before we have him bring it all the way to the new garage.

an example of the mud. you should have seen the place with deep ruts!

new drain pipe

new gravel

the lower road

here you can see how large the stones are

Mar 17, 2011

day 62: siding

i didn't visit the site last week, so today was the first time seeing the house with siding on it. i took some pictures while walking around starting at the southwest corner.

the hvac crew completed all their rought work, including supply and return duct work, thermostat lines, fresh air intake and exhaust pipes, and all the lines to the compressor.

plumbing drains + vent lines are completed. water lines are about to begin.

electrical outlets are far along on the main floor, wiring and all, but nothing in the basement yet. only a few lights and switch boxes are in on the main floor.

it's time to light a fire under the trades. let's go people!









mom + dad pose with their house. someone put on two different boots.

locating exterior lights.

the house viewed from up at the orchard.

Mar 3, 2011

day: tbd

i drove to pennsylvania this morning before even the sun got out of bed. no one is working at the house today but i need to check up on everything that has been happening before things get too far along in case i need to make corrections, changes, or additions.

the framing crew installed almost all the trim on the house. siding is coming in tomorrow so that should be installed pretty soon. they also built the little roof over the sliding door to the kitchen. it’s cute. i think the braces need to be bigger and more angled.

the inside view of the kitchen sliding door. it has a great view to the spot where dad wants a water feature.

dad, you can move in! someone hooked up the gravity vent that directs some of the fireplace heat to the living room. i wonder who installed it?

return air grilles will be above the light shelf in the living room. i wish we had the budget for narrow linear grilles here, but they shouldn’t be that noticeable.

the return air system uses the wall cavity as a plenum. here are the holes down to the basement.

the crew framed out the basement walls since i’ve been here. i’m going to separate the hall from the family room with a shorter opening and probably a dropped hallway ceiling.

this will become the kitchenette as viewed from the family room.

i am still working out how and where to furr down the ceiling to cover these ducts in the basement kitchenette. plus i need access to the dampers on each branch duct. homework for me.

the mechanical room feels bigger than i imagined. but i don’t know what all equipment will need to be housed here.

storage room with supply ducts in the center, return air duct on the left, and fresh air exchange pipes going outside. the plywood sheer wall is supposed to prevent the basement walls caving in.

the plywood panel on the sheer wall is nailed every 2”, and the sheer wall is anchored to the concrete slab.

supply branch ducts run between the basement ceiling joists, sharing joist bays where practical. one feeds a floor supply upstairs and the other feeds a ceiling grill in the basement. we have 3 zones: entire basement; master bedroom suite and laundry room; the main floor living spaces.

the hvac crew has commandeered “bedroom 3” for their supplies.