Nov 22, 2012

grass is greener

A new lawn has grown in really well since we planted grass in September.

The grass is so bright and green that it looks like it might glow in the dark.

the lawn replaces not just dirt, but also the road that came over to the walk-out basement is no longer there.

The yard on the west side also came in so well that the clothes line could be brought over from the old house; no more dirt blowing around.

Sep 23, 2012

dirt + hay

it started raining as we were spreading the grass seed, fertilizer, and straw.

grow grass, grow.

Sep 22, 2012

trees + shrubs

the house viewed from the lower field.

new concrete entry walk and apron in front of the garage.

Dad found and painted an old metal bench for the front porch and put out some potted flowers.

some plants going in around the patio and the patio furniture brought from Wisconsin.

After planting trees I scraped the yard with the tractor and we all raked out the remaining stones.

the south yard ready to plant grass after planting numerous shrubs and trees.

the west side viewed from the patio with new bushes and trees.

Dad waiting for the newly planted grass to grow.

Jun 11, 2012

stonework + formwork + homework

the crew was back to re-stack some of the stone walls that had settled poorly over the winter.

they brought over large flat stones to make a path from the drive to the patio area.

They also started the formwork for a new concrete patio. Dad's homework is to dig out prep for a concrete walk to the front door, and to find someone to stamp and color the concrete for the patio.

In front of the rebuilt terraced walls is a shaped rock border to mark the edge of the planted area.

the rock border curves all the way back up to the driveway. It just needs some topsoil and planting can begin.