Dec 31, 2011

day 351: full house

Dad + Mom are mostly moved into the new house, and they waste no time enjoying their TV + WiFi.

We spent some time filling the living room shelves with books and treasures, at least as a starting point. It will take some time to arrange everything to their liking. They plan to get a large ottoman and maybe put a small recliner where the Christmas tree is right now. and Mom promised to reupholster the furniture after they settle in.

the kitchen island will have some counter stools eventually. otherwise it seems to perform nicely. the giant pantry is probably the best feature.

ikea kitchen cabinets with Samsung quartz countertops and Maytag appliances.

the 48" x 88" kitchen island looking into the dining and sitting areas.

i forgot to lower the dining room chandelier before i flew back to new york.

the fireplace heats the entire public area of this floor. it is a very warm house!

Dec 30, 2011

day 350: early morning

Homer Lane on an overcast morning.

view of the house from the upper field. further back you can't see the house at all.

the east side, early morning. see the Christmas tree in the living room?

from the southeast



south. landscaping will have to wait until the spring.

mom admiring her new house.

mom buries her food scraps in the area she wants to plant a garden.

Dec 10, 2011

day 330: unpacking

Eric, who installed the mantle and stone upstairs, came and installed this old barn beam in the family room while mom and dad were away in Wisconsin. i think there is a lot of steel behind that wood to hold this on the wall. it's heavy! and you can see that they are starting to unpack and place things around the house. This will take some time, but stay tuned for some pictures. or visit.

Dec 8, 2011

day 328: driveway

Bob Reese from Tri-State extended the driveway over to the house while they were away in Wisconsin packing for the move.

This part of the driveway was laid using recycled blacktop asphalt and a topping of small-scale limestone. No more getting stuck in the mud.

Dec 4, 2011

day 324: moving day

Dad and Mom drove from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, Dad in the moving truck with all their stuff and mom in the minivan with the pets. Moving day finally came on day 324. congrats!

Dec 3, 2011

day 323: packing + loading

mom and dad went back to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and are packing up the house.

Mom said she tried to bring a lot of the boxes to the first floor to help make loading day a little easier.

Our long-time friend and professional truck-packer, Eddie Horvat, came to make sure every square inch of the truck was utilized on loading day.

Almost full. Here's a note from Dad about loading day:
"Josh the move was incredible! Eddie Horvat said in the middle of the move that it couldn't all go and to start to pick and choose. We then filled the dining room with stuff to leave. Well Eddie started to call for more things and more things and more things and when we were done the dining room was almost empty. Toward the end of the move i stuck in that big painting of Jesus so we decided He enlarged the truck and it was our bread and fish moment."

A huge thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday to help load the moving truck. Mom wishes she had taken more pictures because it was quite a sight to see. There were enough people that they formed a "bucket brigade" line from the house to the truck and just passed boxes from person to person. Here are some of the guys posing for a photo with Dad.