Sep 30, 2011

day 259: screens

the Hostetler crew came back to put the screens on the porch

Dad said the screens are pretty open and don't interrupt the view at all.

the guys also added some cedar trim to conceal the porch floor beams and... some other stuff.

day 259: trim + dirt

mom and dad returned to the new house this week with a new/working digital camera other than their iphones. here are some pictures they sent with updates.

before: chicken coop is near collapse and not a pretty sight

after:cleaned up yard?

before: back of house needs a lot of fill

after: dirt from chicken coop area starts to fill in around house and garage.

inside, some windows are trimmed out. and look, outlets. don't listen to electricians when they tell you that outlets need to be 18" above the floor or that horizontal orientation is too hard.

some doors installed and trimmed out. these are the walk-in closets in the master bedroom.

master bedroom door to hall and master bath

stair to basement and hall baseboards; beadboard in the entry foyer

Sep 12, 2011

day 241: misc

chicken coop is being recycled as fill on the north side of the house

uncle steve brought in help. cousin steve will get all the trim going.

stevie threw in some beadboard for the powder room

the missing window sills arrived. uncle steve is spraying them so stevie can start trimming the windows.

mom and dad and i quickly assembled two giant 39x14x94 cabinets for the master closets before i left for NYC.

basement slate floors are mostly installed. we can't decide on a grout color yet. something gray/brown/green maybe.

subway tile in the guest bathroom

subway tile

the wood floors got their thrid coat of poly yesterday, so dad covered them in paper for protection.

and i installed the base cabinets along the back wall of the kitchen and put in all the drawers. next up is the island!

Sep 11, 2011

day 240: cabinets

progress from the day before. getting the correct hardware and mounting the suspension rail took a lot of time yesterday.

uncle paul lent his carpentry sills. dad helped by watching. i took a picture.

upper cabinets are installed, base cabinets are leveled but need hardware to mount to wall.
after dinner we brought all the drawer kits back to uncle paul's and assembled them in front of the tv!

day 240: bath

the master bath is fully tiled. Brian will grout everything once the wood floors are complete; the bathroom is inaccessible right now.

sink area under a skylight

future throne

open shower

5ft x 5ft shower

shower head and controls, body sprays, niche

curbless shower

Sep 10, 2011

day 239: cherry

someone came and sanded the cherry wood floors and applied two coats of poly. it's a little streaky here, but there will be at least one more coat of poly.

the master bedroom floors almost finished

southwest view

south elevation

southeast view

getting there

Sep 2, 2011

day 231: stair

there was some trouble getting the shop-built staircase into place, but it was nothing a small saw couldn't fix. and can someone show dad how to patch drywall?

partially installed cherry wood stairs. it just needs some trim to cover the gaps along the stringers.