Sep 12, 2011

day 241: misc

chicken coop is being recycled as fill on the north side of the house

uncle steve brought in help. cousin steve will get all the trim going.

stevie threw in some beadboard for the powder room

the missing window sills arrived. uncle steve is spraying them so stevie can start trimming the windows.

mom and dad and i quickly assembled two giant 39x14x94 cabinets for the master closets before i left for NYC.

basement slate floors are mostly installed. we can't decide on a grout color yet. something gray/brown/green maybe.

subway tile in the guest bathroom

subway tile

the wood floors got their thrid coat of poly yesterday, so dad covered them in paper for protection.

and i installed the base cabinets along the back wall of the kitchen and put in all the drawers. next up is the island!

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