Oct 31, 2011

day 290: backyard

the backyard is mostly graded. dad reused a big slab they dug up as a pad for the propane tank.

Oct 27, 2011

day 286: furnace

the guys from Breese Heating and Cooling finished installing the Heat Pump (not pictured) and the backup propane furnace, seen here. Since we don't have propane yet, they set the system to run without triggering the backup furnace. So the house has working heat. i'm also told that there is a working toilet in the house as well.

Oct 24, 2011

day 283: fireplace stone

Dad got the guys down the street to cut the mantle and corbels for us, and there has been some progress on the fireplace stone. see Dog?

Dog wants to move in, or at least a ride home.

Oct 18, 2011

day 277: lights & laminates

laminate flooring being installed in bedroom 3

flooring complete in bedroom 3

bedroom 2 flooring and wood trim is also installed

closet doors came primed, but they still need to be painted

the HVAC guys have been working all week installing the furnace and this heat pump/air conditioner.

electrician has been steadily progressing through the house.

the ceiling fan in the living room is one of seven fans in the house.

the light shelf in the master bedroom. the hole in the wall will get a return air grill covering it.

Oct 16, 2011

day 275: kitchen

i installed most of the drawer and door pulls in the kitchen and for the laundry room cabinets.

and we have appliances

who wants to install the over-the-range microwave.

the powder room is mostly complete. it just needs a mirror and a light.

Oct 7, 2011

day 266: dirt + pot

Uncle Paul built a base for the island cabinets in the kitchen

the master bathroom has a toilet!

Rich, the lead plumber, working on the master shower.

Body sprays installed.

The excavators have been bringing earth over to the north side of the house and smoothing out the area west of the house. It's a nice view up the hill too. Inspector Dave is in the background, as always.

i had to laugh; it looks like someone used drywall screws to mount this decorative grill. It looks nice now that Dad painted everything black behind the grill.

Oct 6, 2011

day 265: trim+

the rest of the beadboard in the foyer appears to be about complete

cousin steve continues trimming the windows. this double window looks east over the fields from the fireplace area in the dining room.

the south windows in the dining room

the basement slate floors are laid, grouted, and sealed. Sunday looks pleased. i think she's claiming it for herself.

mom painted the large bedroom downstairs a non-yellow color called antique white. i plan to sleep here when visiting in the future.

the plumbers have also started work. here one of the guys hooks up the new 80-gallon water heater.

Oct 2, 2011

day 260: millwork

dad hired someone to install all the fireplace components. the metal pieces still laying around are part of a trim kit that allows you to cover the fireplace with stone and keep a crisp edge. we have a stone mason coming to install the (real) stone veneer and the hearth stone. i wonder how they are going to get that slab of limestone into the house. we've only used moved it using a tractor. it's so heavy i even put extra floor framing at the hearth.

Kevin Bertocchi from SMD Custom Cabinets installed the cherry wood cabinet next to the fireplace. The cabinet is nine feet high and at least three feet wide and two feet deep, so it's quite large. The lower part is made to hold firewood. i covered the bottom with raised metal bars to keep the cabinet from getting scraped up too badly.