Oct 2, 2011

day 260: millwork

dad hired someone to install all the fireplace components. the metal pieces still laying around are part of a trim kit that allows you to cover the fireplace with stone and keep a crisp edge. we have a stone mason coming to install the (real) stone veneer and the hearth stone. i wonder how they are going to get that slab of limestone into the house. we've only used moved it using a tractor. it's so heavy i even put extra floor framing at the hearth.

Kevin Bertocchi from SMD Custom Cabinets installed the cherry wood cabinet next to the fireplace. The cabinet is nine feet high and at least three feet wide and two feet deep, so it's quite large. The lower part is made to hold firewood. i covered the bottom with raised metal bars to keep the cabinet from getting scraped up too badly.

1 comment:

  1. The cabinet looks great. Leave it to you to make it custom! As far as the hearthstone, I thought that's why you were going there in two weeks. Better put some time in at the gym!