Jan 14, 2011

Construction has begun!

dad said the basement walls were delivered and installed on site today. i wish i had been there to see them go in. i haven't even seen a picture of the site since the excavator began last week.

materials are being delivered to the site on monday and the framers are starting on tuesday! and excavation will probably also begin on tuesday for the garage and "link" foundations. i can't believe construction is starting. i've been stressing out about all the preparations. for example, the temporary power might not be installed yet. yikes!

i've been working on getting the windows ordered the last few days. first i had to correct the previous quote we had because it was missing a window, one window was sized incorrectly, and i had added another window in the meantime. the total price came in over our window budget. then i figured out that we could save a lot of money by changing the hardware finish. and i discovered that i could get the jamb extensions we needed for the main floor (which i'm pretty sure weren't available before) with the money i saved on the hardware. In the end the final price is slightly under budget, and i'll save money on the finish carpentry. yeah! sadly, i hadn't accounted for tax in the budget.

i am flying to pennsylvania next week wednesday after work, so i'll get to see the walls on thursday morning and go over things with the framers before they get too far. i can't wait!

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  1. We should arrive Monday, can't wait to see the basement and whatever else might be there. I also am looking forward to watching the walls go up!!!