Jan 19, 2011

day 3: block foundations

The footings cured enough that today the crew was able to build the block wall foundations for the garage and Link. Mom said dad was too excited to remember to take pictures, but he managed to snap a few.

Yes, the foundations stick out of the ground quite a bit. This happened because the house was also set higher than we planned. you'll have to ask the excavator what that's all about. But we can work with it. The good thing about building in the middle of a farm and on a hill is that there is a lot of dirt around and you can set the finish elevation to whatever you need. And you can bet that the excavator will make it up to us by making the grading all work out.

The crew also seems to have installed the rim board for the first floor of the house.

garage cmu block foundation

...and link to the house resting on the
support ledges built-in to the basement walls

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