Feb 17, 2011

day 21: windows + roof + siding

Monday, day 18, we passed a plumbing inspection for the drains. so tuesday, day 19, the crew poured part of the basement slab.

a large portion of the basement ground was frozen from the blowing wind and ice from many storms ago. but it was 60 degrees today! the guys took advantage of the weather today and dug out the ice and frozen gravel. then they leveled the ground and prepared screed boards for pouring the rest of the concrete slab tomorrow.

the downside to the warm weather is the muck. i joked with one of the guys that i grew 2 inches taller just walking over to see him. i hope i can get this mud off my shoes... and pants, and everything else.

i finally got to see the screen porch up close. it has nice views.

uncle paul brought over the fireplace from his shop this week. the crew loaded it in so they could install the chimney, which they needed in place for the roofing. who wants to install all the bits?

the standing seam steel roof has been going in for the last few days. i think it looks great. we had the wrong ridge vent cap, so we'll have to wait for that before it's really done. we have returned a lot of parts in this project because everyone keeps assuming we are building a shallower pitch roof.

you can look out from the house finally. it's so great to see the windows going in. most of them were in place by the end of the day. this is the view south from the dining room.

this is the view from the living room windows looking east over the lower fields. this looks bigger in person and without the sheet metal bender in the way, or whatever it's called.

the other major thing happening is the James Hardie cement board siding and trim. dad switched the color to a dark red at the last minute, despite putting it to a vote and losing. some day i will get this painted the dark grey i wanted it to be. haha!

the garage gets 6 inch siding and the house gets 4 inch siding. hopefully we won't have to wait forever for the house siding. here you can see the house roof almost finished and the skylights getting installed and flashed.

north elevation

north east view

the east elevation looks a lot larger with the windows. those windows are 6 feet high.

and finally, i just thought this was funny. the low corner of the garage needs a lot of fill before they pour the concrete slab floor. until then you can walk the balance beam.

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