Feb 10, 2011

day 16: shopping

After stopping by the house and surprising the plumbers, i went with mom and dad to a wholesale flooring place about an hour away. longer if you stop at Starbucks.
We found a porcelain tile to use in the master bathroom. It is a light color like mom wanted, it comes in 12x24 size like dad wanted, and it has a pattern that was acceptable to everyone. price was not so great.
most of our tile was spent looking at a limited selection of slate. We have a small amount of slate already that we hoped to match as close as possible. dad + mom liked the sample pieces we saw, but then hated them after seeing a sample area that was installed in the showroom. i wasn't able to sway them to anything darker or more uniform.

porcelain tile

dark slate

greenish slate

multi-color slate

we laughed because our floors are from the Homer woods, and made by Amish

pendant we laughed at but then liked

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