Feb 11, 2011

day 17: errands

today i ran errands and no one worked on the house. however, i saw that the plumbers completed the drains in the basement floor. they are just waiting for the inspector to come out. then we can warm the place up and pour a slab.

I met a tile installer in the morning to show him the project. it was so cold that after i set down my yogurt for a few minutes to talk, i ended up having frozen yogurt for breakfast. i had to go warm up after that. i transported the chimney and fireplace parts down to the house, had a pulled-pork sandwich (thanks mom!), priced out some doors at a few places, went out and bought a used torpedo heater after some research and telephone calls, and had a cinnamon roll at Panera while updating the blog. i'm still doing that now. i guess i had better go drop that off that torpedo heater before it's completely dark.

upper screen porch done

windowless house is really just a big advertisement

light shelf in the living room / hearth area / dining room

lots of framing, lots of ceiling heights

drains in basement gravel

bathroom in the walkout basement

chimney and accessories for the fireplace


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