Feb 8, 2011

day 15: screen porch

Dad + mom finally saw the house on tuesday. the framing crew was there finishing up a lot things. The highlights include finishing the faom sheathing + tyvek over the exposed basement walls, the low hall ceiling + pull-down stairs to the attic, framing the light shelf that runs through the living and dining rooms, and building out the screen porch with frames (minus the screens) and the railings. i had them make the railings out of hog fencing that slips in a dado cut in the top rail, and in a gap in the cedar that wraps the 6x6 columns.

the plumbers had started over the weekend, but didn't get done what we had hoped they would do first. while they started diggin in the basement floor for the drains, they seemed to do a lot more work upstairs installing drains and vent lines. They wanted to be sure where the drains were going to down down to the basement. but because they didn't finish in the basement, the framing crew packed up there tools and left for the week.

basement drain ditches

master bath vanity and washing machine hookup

framer between low and regular ceiling joists in the hall

hall to laundry and mbr, stair to attic

attic above living + dining high ceilings

trimming out the hog fence railings

covering everything with cedar

underside of screen porch floor - TimberTech (like Trex)

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