Aug 19, 2011

day 217: stone

the concrete truck returned

crew spreading the garage slab and sloping towards the floor drains

garage slab curing. Uncle Paul's Dog kept walking on it but didn't really leave impressions.

wood floor completed in the dining room and living room

the transition from slate to cherry wood is marked with a metal edge, barely visible here.

the boss watches the crew continue work on the stone retaining walls.

stone wall progress at the end of the day

end of the "original" barn wall

small patio outside the family room door was poured the previous day. there was a slight hiccup when we discovered that the septic line terminated under the concrete. the guys dug up the wet concrete while the excavator went and picked up some extra pipe and fitting so it could be extended past the patio area. but you can't tell that there was any drama just looking at it.

the dry-stacked stone walls are terraced and curved.

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