Jun 27, 2011

day 164: ceilings

still waiting for the gas line. waiting. uncle paul finally got the plumber on the phone today. he promised to come by the house early in the week and run the gas lines for our propane range, patio BBQ hookup, and backup furnace.

it's nice to have amish workers at the house again.

the drywall crew came back to put on another coat of plaster. dad begged for a picture of Jake.

the guys had to walk around in stilts to work on the walls.

i returned from picking out paint to find the drywall crew putting a heavy texture on the ceilings with something that looked like a big mop. i said, "uhhh, can we stop this?" i didn't realize people still did this anymore.... i'm still in shock. so the basement is textured, but half of the upstairs will be smooth. sigh.


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  2. Well, you're using an Amish guy... aren't they like 100 years behind the times? haha!