Jun 26, 2011

day 163: concrete block

if you jerry-rig a hose to a dehumidifier, it will run continuously without anyone having to empty the water it pulls out of the air.

i had a really long hose so i ran it all the way to a ditch where the floor drains will drain out of the basement.

pile of drywall waste.

uncle paul gave me some brief instructions on how to operate the tractor. so i drove it from his place over to the farm and used it to haul concrete block from behind the chicken coop that will be demolished at some point. driving the tractor and working the bucket was fun. hauling block on the other hand...

i did a lot of work.

the stack of old concrete block was full of spiders, some field mice nests, and a whole lot of other bugs. but i also saw a lot of spiders in the house over course of the weekend, like this one.

uncle steve pointed out this snake under the screen porch. he came over to see the house and talk about possibly installing the wood trim. my uncle, not the snake.

did i mention that we have two bird nests in the porch ceiling? it's fun to see the robin chicks pop up their beaks looking for food. but this dumb dove mostly just sits and stares.

after a hard day's work, it's nice to sit back on the screen porch, relax a bit, and enjoy the view.

mostly i just looked down on my hard work. it looks like about 170 block.

everything grows quickly on the farm. and it's surprising how many of those growing things have thorns.

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  1. mom: "THANK YOU for moving the blocks! Yes, I realize its WORK, but its always good to put in some hard work, you sleep good that night. :-)"

    dad: "Thanks for the pictures... especially the block. I felt a little twinge of conscience when I saw all that you did but luckily for me it went away."