May 27, 2009

the house that eBay built

dad has been busy again buying things for the house on eBay. i was just
thinking that it's kind of amazing the bargains you can scrounge up if
you have a lot of time and very flexible taste. (ahem!)

here's how it works: every once in a while i get a load of emails in my
inbox asking if we can use this sink somewhere, or why do plumbing traps
cost so much, or if i like any of the light fixtures at this link. i'm
guessing it means that dad is either bored with nothing else to do, or
he's suddenly really motivated to get this house built. or maybe he
suddenly got his hands on some money. ha ha!

whatever the case, i have to work quickly. if it's something we've
already decided on, like some of the plumbing fixtures for the
bathrooms, then it's easy. i can just confirm that it's okay to buy. but
a lot of things haven't been decided yet. i can't choose the products i
usually spec at work because my clients have a lot more money than my
retired parents, so we are searching for something cheap that everyone
still likes. and buying something because it's on sale just doesn't seem
like a great style indicator. luckily dad lets me say no to a lot of
things. or i just show it to mom if i think she will side with me.

but here's what we've got so far, mostly from eBay.

master bath:
(2) undermount sinks
(2) faucets
toilet base (not the tank!)
toilet supply valve

bath 2 - basement:
lavatory sink + wood base
complete shower kit

powder room:
pedestal sink

double sink
kitchen faucet (gift)

laundry: choice of
1-bowl sink (plus an extra)
2-bowl sink
dryer (bring existing)

ceiling fan (location TBD)
exterior lights for the garage area, back door, and maybe the front door or screen porch.
recessed light housings + trims for living, kitchen, hall, family rooms (clearance sale)
light switches and electrical outlets for entire house (taken out of a new condo in NYC)
handrail mounts (form same NYC condo)
chain link fence for dog run (salvage from WI)

what else am i forgetting?

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  1. Good job; glad someone is using this site! We also have the sink for the downstairs kitchenette. A run of the mill faucet will be fine for that one.