May 14, 2009

1/4" model

here are a few pictures of the most recent model of the house.

the house is sited in the middle of the Homer farm where the old barn stood until a few years ago when it finally collapsed. Like the barn before it, the house will be set into the hill, allowing an at-grade entrance to the main floor on the west side and a walk-out basement to the east.

since this is a farm house, the massing uses volumetric ideas taken from typical farm buildings. The main living spaces are housed in a large gable volume that evokes the scale of a barn. this space will have 10'-0" ceilings with attic storage under the roof. coming off this 'barn' is a long low volume reminiscent of utilitarian sheds and outbuildings that would be added on as needed. this contains the master suite with a cathedral ceiling that spring from a low 8'-0" but rises to a peak of 11'-6". beyond is the attached 2-car garage.

what remains from the barn is the stone foundation, shown in the model in cardboard. the space between the house and the barn wall on the south side of the house will be filled in and used as a patio and small garden space. This area connects to the screen porch overlooking the lower fields with views to the woods and hills beyond. stairs link this area to the basement level where there is a double door to the family room.

The roofs and the main floor of the model are removable so you can get a sense of the interior spaces. that's why you see gaps everywhere. although the window openings are just full openings here, the typical unit will be a 6 over 1 double hung window.


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