Apr 7, 2011

day 83: progress

there has been some progress in the past two weeks. some.

the Hostetler crew installed some of the snow guards.

it comes as long stainless steel bars that had to be cut to fit between every standing seam clip.

they installed the east side of the house and the north end of the west side of the house.

and the north side of the Link.

here's the overall view of the snow guards, S-rail type. the fire took care of the scrap wood and cardboard boxes and misc garbage.

the crew also started drilling 4" holes for the eave vents. i ordered these nice vent caps that just slide right into the holes. they look nice when you look up at them, but mostly they go unnoticed. the east side of the house is complete. hopefully they'll come back soon and finish. they found it easiest to drill them from the interior, and soon we will be insulating and installing drywall.

the well driller started once the excavator helped him get his rig over to the north side of the house. he hit water 65 feet down but needs to go a little further. then he'll test it and see if he should stop or drill deeper.

i met the well driller and talked about how the ground might be graded near the well cap, how to run the water line to the house, and a where to place a reservoir tank inside the mechanical room.

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